Garantimos qualidade e o meio ambiente

In 2019 we have obtained for the second consecutive year the Indicador ARDÁN de empresa bien gestionada (Well managed undertaking) throw the Consorcio Zona Franca de Vigo.

Also the indicador ARDÁN DE EMPRESA INNOVADORA 2019 (Innovation company 2019) and Empresa Global 2019 (Global company 2019)

The continuous improving and a quality focused vision are the key pillars of Campiños in the bid of offer the best services to the clients

In 2018 Campiños has achieved the certified which accredit that we scope the ARDAN indicator of good managed Company throw the I Consorcio Zona Franca de Vigo

In 2018 Campiños has achieved the certified which accredit that we scope the ARDAN indicator of good managed Company throw the I Consorcio Zona Franca de Vigo.


The management of TALLERES CAMPIÑOS, S.L., company dedicated to machining and boilermaking, aware the importance of quality at the moment of satisfying necessities of the clients, has decided to carry out the quality manage implementing and maintaining in the company a system of quality manage which be effective covering our needs and the clients ones, with the main purpose of strengthening our position in the market.

The main target of Campiños, and of all the staff that composes it, is to achieve the full satisfaction of our clients, giving them services and products in accordance with the legal requires and technical specifications established, the appropriate regulatory standards, assigning do the resources that are necessary.

It will be promote the concept of “total quality” since the implication, motivation and compromise of staff, so the culture of “doing things well at first” must be a target of any person belonging to our company, independently of the task he realizes, becoming in a collective task in which all are implicated.

The general guidelines established for this target consecution are the next ones:

  • Establish documented information for ensuring the works quality in all process
  • Implementation of a continuing improve as a rule of behavior
  • Ever lasted analysis of the information, own and received of our clients to prevent mistakes and improve our process
  • Establish, following and revision yearly of quality targets

The direction of the company has decided to implant and maintain updated a system of quality management, according to the described requires in the ISO 9000 rules. The quality system have been made and have to be maintain in a way which it works over the prevention of the possible founded defects, more than his correction.

The efficiency and application of the quality system of Campiños is a direct competence of the direction. Because of it, the quality responsible has the needed authority for invest in all departments in the company in the convenient measure for:

  • Testing the application of quality systems.
  • Identify possible deviations and anomalies.
  • Verify the efficiency of the quality system.
  • Coordinar actividades con influencia en la Calidad

The responsable has also authority to modify and even stop some activities that in his judge are not being made in terms corresponded to the quality system.

The direction compromises to put in public disposition this policy and to explain it to all the members of the company.

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